Entrepreneurial Spirit

Have you ever sat down and drowned into deep thoughts and million dollar entrepreneurial thoughts start streaming in till you get goosebumps all over and your body gets chills just thinking of how a greater person you will become if you focus and make it a reality?

Well they say entrepreneurship is not for everyone, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. So that’s why some start great businesses that end up failing while some have great business ideas and they don’t end up implementing. It all sums up to ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT!

According to google, Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement.

So in both cases there is luck of entrepreneurial spirit that either makes a business that has already kicked off to fail and also kills a great business idea. Entrepreneurial spirit comes from with in, its some self drive that one develops from the passion that comes with the urge to make that business bloom.

From the definition of Entrepreneurial spirit we pick up some major keywords like MINDSET, ATTITUDE, APPROACH, CHANGE and PASSION. Actually, if you speak to any successful entrepreneur and ask them about their journey or how it all started you wont miss these words in their speech. It all starts with passion, and you have to be aggressive enough to approach opportunities by the horn and have the right attitude and mindset to embrace change and be innovative enough to keep up with the changing business world and market.

As an entrepreneur you have to believe and stand firmly by your stance despite the rocky journey that comes with entrepreneurship, this will give you the will, determination and perseverance to sail through the stormy days. You will have to set your priorities right, make tough decisions and make painful sacrifices that at the long run you will look back with a smile on your face and say it was all worth while.

Just to finish up, we are all told to invest when we can, Investing is like an antidote to poverty or a solution to old age poverty so if you don’t have entrepreneurial spirit and you have the capital, the best idea would be investing or rather partnering with someone who has the skills and ambition to run a business. Put your money some where that it will grow and provide security to you and your loved ones. Remember to surround yourself with people who support your dreams and visions.

I was trying a different direction in this blog, I don’t know if it sounds good enough but I hope you enjoyed it. Till next time, I hope it will be soon, Thank you!


Remember to surround yourself with people who support your dreams and visions.

Surviving these streets!

black and white black and white depressed depression

There is a lot of pressure that comes with life as a youth, everyone is fighting for a break through, everyone is striving to make it up there as a youth. These streets are tough, filled with lonely, sad and empty souls working tirelessly to make something out of themselves. Some are willing to do everything and anything including stubbing there friends or even using others as stepping stones just to get there, they don’t really care if they hurt you or not they are just for themselves.

This is the age of depression and anxiety. People are laughing with tears in their eyes. People are talking with gags on their mouths. Everyone is fighting silent battle. And sadly no one is brave enough to speak and share what they are going through. Hey! Its okay, it is totally okay not to be okay, there can never be a smooth sail, at some point in life there got to be some storms and turbulence. How will you know how strong you are if you don’t go through some challenges in life? how will you gauge your strength?

We all have our deepest fears and one of the greatest fears of almost every one is  “NOT SUCCEEDING” we are in a rush, we are competing with time. What we don’t know is that time is infinite; time is endless, we can never win, because there is no competition in the first place. Lets keep in mind that we are not here forever, so how about we make something out of the time we spend here , this life is too short to be running after time. Live Life! don’t just go through life because some of us are are alive but not living, that is what i call going through life.

What will happen if you drop that happy mask you have on and let the bright sun rays hit that pretty face of yours, huh? Nothing right? you will probably learn that you are using a lot of energy hiding that instead of fixing the broken pieces. Be contented with the steps that you have made in life, I believe you have done your best and if you have not, as long as you have another day you have another chance to do your best. Don’t frown because your peers are doing better than you everyone has a different time frame, their time is now and your time is coming, simple!

These streets should never eat you up take life as it is life is simple just live each day as it comes and live a happy life!



Abusive Relatinships

This has been a very sad and common topic on our screens and social media for a while now. Sadly its not only in marriages but also in relationships too. I cant help but wonder why someone will cling on to an abusive person when you are not even betrothed to them.

We hope and pray that an abusive person will change but what if they actually don’t and what if it worsens? Its hard to let go a relationship but is it really worth it when there is violence and battery? Abuse can be physical or verbal which translates to emotional traumatization, no one deserves such treatment especially from someone whom they love and care about deeply.

I understand that in marriages there is a reason to endure and hope that things will change maybe because there are kids involved or maybe because of the vows that you exchanged, but abuse doesn’t get physical out of the blues it starts verbally then to actions try to tame it an early stage but DO NOT justify it abuse is WRONG and INHUMANE in every aspect and angle. it destroys the victims self esteem and disturbs them mentally.

In as much as the society shuns away and condones this topic we are loosing our loved ones every minute, its not only through death but depression and stress help a victim make a decision of walking out help them rise again from abusive relationships this battle is not theirs alone. You also have an option of walking out and keep yourself sane and alive as a victim people still need you out here, people love you.

LOVE YOU FIRST, CHOOSE YOU FIRST,YOU COME FIRST. No one should ever lay a finger on such a beautiful Soul. WALK OUT and WALK AWAY you deserve better. there is a man/woman waiting for someone like you. YOU ARE SOMEONE’S PRAYER ITEM

Yes I’m New Here

I love writing and I believe am also good at it, so I decided to do what I am passionate in. The topic that I’ve decided to concentrate on is a very sensitive topic here in the 254. I don’t expect everyone to love what I am doing but being a single mother as well I have the momentum to do this more than ever. I never knew what these mysterious ladies go through until I was one. I just used to see posts on social media and other throwing shit at them and id be like that’s sad, but when i wore their shoes i really got to feel their pain.

Being a single mother comes with its own unique challenges that only a single mother understands. Whether divorced, widowed or even as a result of a relationship that dint work it takes a lot of strength to be a single mother. We have the sole responsibility of making sure that these innocent kids go to school and are provided for everything they need just like the ones raised up by both parents. Remember kids don’t understand that mum is doing these all by herself, so we take up the challenge and put on the strong amour and believe that Gods favor Is upon us and devour any opportunity your that comes your way.
When someone gains the title a SINGLE MOTHER there is usually a story behind it, most likely a very sad story. If most of you get to hear these stories i bet you’ll give a standing ovation to these women and you will be wondering how they can still manage to smile and be positive in life. So this is why i came up with this blog, i want to speak out and show the world our world. Welcome to EMMA’S BLOG. I will be sharing some of these women’s stories in this blog and tell you more about single mothers, stay with me for more.

Emma Otieno, Adios